We have a trendy but sophisticated, relaxed vibe welcoming all previous and new clients.

We specialise in semi permanent make up. The treatment, which is technically known as micro-pigmentation, is a process of pigment implantation which produces flawless makeup for eyebrows, lashes, lips or the eye-line that will last between 1 and 3 years.

It is the new up and coming procedure for women of all ages including ladies who suffer with alopecia and chemotherapy patients.

We also specialise in hair extensions and we offer a variety of methods using the finest quality of products, but at an affordable price.

Hair extensions benefit people by not just adding thickness to limp or fine hair, but also transforming length and colour/colour tones. It has remained extremely fashionable through a number of years and is seen as the most luxurious and glamorous way to enhance a clients look.

In Thorpe Bay, Southend and surrounding areas, there are currently no salons, clinics that purely specialise in hair extensions or semi permanent make up, and are usually just an add on within a main hairdressers or beauty salon. We believe that to offer such a service would benefit clients by allowing them to have a comfortable experience over time, in a location that is comfortable and convenient to travel to.

People tend to find this a luxury that becomes almost ‘addictive’ once they have experienced the look.

We also offer

  • LVL Lash Lifts
  • Anti wrinkle injections
  • Lip filler & dermal filler
  • Non surgical face lifts
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Make up & Make up Master Classes
  • Colonic irrigation
  • Liquid Rhinoplasty
  • Tear trough filler
  • Jaw & chin filler
  • Plus FREE consultations for all procedures.


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We specialise in Semi permanent make up, the treatment which is technically known as Micro-pigmentation, is a process of pigment implantation which produces flawless makeup for eyebrows, lashes, lips or the eye-line.


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